Thursday, April 26, 2018

City Players Submitted Celebratory Messages With Kevin De Bruyne


“You can not take them for granted — I have been lucky to win but there have been so many I have missed too,” stated Kompany. “Today I am happy and I assume my team-mates will roll their eyes a little bit but I sort of want to see what the response will be now. I have never retained the name and I wish to determine if this group has got it to continue and be much more successful.” They do not deserve to be low and West Brom is a team that is fantastic you realized that something can occur as they stuck to the game. It was a goal from Rodriguez thank you and a piece. It was a terrific feeling.”

Guardiola, who said Saturday that he would be playing golf as opposed to watching the game, can add a Premier League winner’s medal to those he maintained from the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich and La Liga with Barcelona. City players submitted celebratory messages with Kevin De Bruyne writing: “Incredible season for us. Very pleased to call us winners this season.” The city has emulated the achievement by finishing the task after 33 games. “Manchester City won the title since they won more points than everyone else since yesterday they won against Tottenham since throughout the season they lost just two games,” he said. agen judi bola


“We played well in many, many matches,” he said. Last season against contenders wasn’t so great — games were won by us. Against the winners who gave us the impression that we could go there and play with the way we played. But in general, we were secure. Goals were conceded by us but the detail isn’t the goals you concede but. In each game it was” Worryingly for City’s competitions, there are no indications that this is the culmination of the journey either. The vast majority of his squad have youth on their side since Guardiola pointed out and more investment will follow in the summer. But while their manager confessed some of his players’ inexperience might have counted in the Champions League against them, Guardiola considers the standards they’ve set this season can be an inspiration for the future.

“We won with men that are so young — occasionally playing with guys who era in the Champions League is complex. But perhaps it was a fantastic lesson to the club next season,” he said. “We might need to try [to get better]. We must improve a lot if you read what the people said. You judge results, however, we can’t deny that this season we had been great. Each and every day. To win 18 games in a row you showed me how powerful they are and need to be strong. That is important to assist us to think. Manchester City isn’t like Chelsea or United or Arsenal. The clubs in England they have plenty of history behind them and a lot of trophies so you’ve got to do these sort of things to make you think: ‘Wow, we’re good.’ “Obviously the same is not likely to happen next season but that’s the target. We managed to do it and that means that you can do it.